AIRTEAM - Dachvermessung bis zu 90% schneller, präziser und sicherer als bisher


Yes! We will train you in our data capuring procedures and then you can capture the imagery yourself. After the flight you simply upload the data to our AIRTEAM Aerial Intelligence Platform and we take over the rest. If you create the aerial imagery yourself the prices drop by 50% from 1€ per m² to 0.50€ per m². Please contact us directly for further details: +49 30 375 808 30 

We leave this decision up to you. If you rely on AIRTEAM Roof-Inspector you do not have to worry about anything. Permits, flight restrictions, insurance - we organize everything for you. If you prefer it you do not even have to be on location. All AIRTEAM Roof-Inspector drone operators have at least 100 hours of flight experience, commercial drone liability insurance and a drone flight licence. They have learned to safely control drones in a wide variety of locations and conditions, always delivering high-quality results.

Between 100sqm and 1,000sqm the cost is 1€ per square meter of roof area. i.e. 300sqm roof area cost 300€. Between 1,000 sqm and 10,000 sqm of roof area the price per sqm drops to 0.10€ (i.e. 3,000 sqm cost 1,200€). The Roof-Inspector service includes the planning of the drone flight, all drone operator travel, the aerial image capturing, the data analysis as well as the Roof Inspector report including the measurements (e.g. 3D linear measurements, 3D surfaces, roof pitch). All mentioned services are included in our price. Please note that we give you a costestimate in the booking process, which may vary from the final price on your invoice. This is due to the fact that we can only estimate the roof pitch in the booking process. For your invoice we use the exact measurment of the roof surface.

The use of our drones, multicopters and microcopters is not possible or only with restrictions in rain, snow, thunderstorms and strong gusty winds. The risk that we cannot fly on the requested day due to bad weather is borne by the client. Postponing the flight due to the weather conditions has to be checked individually and in advance.

For the use of Roof-Inspector drones are suitable, which provide a camera resolution of at least 20 megapixel. Suitable drones are for example the DJI Phantom 4 Pro or the DJI Mavic Pro 2.

If you are not sure, you can contact our partner U-ROB GmbH ( U-ROB has been operating in the drone market for 13 years, specializing in training and turnkey drone packages. Through 11 locations Germany-wide accessibility for the practice flights and training is given.

Contact person at the U-ROB is Mrs. Ella Metz, 0521/4179 8680.

AIRTEAM Roof-Inspector only works with professional and experienced drone operators.

All pilots of AIRTEAM Roof-Inspector have:
- min. 100 hours flight experience
- drone liability insurance (for commercial use)
- drone licence

All drone pilots undergo a rigorous AIRTEAM registration process to ensure that all flight, camera and safety requirements are met.

You never ever have to climb onto the roof to measure it. You will receive roof measurements that help you with for your offer and / or your customer invoice. You do not need your own drone and you do not have to deal with permits, insurance or flight regulations. We take care of everything.

Your Roof-Inspector advantages at a glance:
- saves time and money
- increases safety
- accurate measurements

The technology that we use has generally no limitation in accuracy. In order to offer higher accuracy it requires more images being taken. This increases the duration of the data acquisition and hence the cost. Working with multiple roofers over the past year we realized that for most projects +- 10 cm accuracy is a good compromise of quality and cost.

It is best to use the drone operator registration form. One of our staff will then contact you by email or phone and discuss all requirements for an AIRTEAM drone operator.

Download here our free sample report on our homepage.